Terms of Service

These Terms of Service ("Terms") are effective as of 1st November 2023.

1. Acceptance of Terms

Greetings and welcome to L2pass.com, both a website and a hosted user application, collectively referred to as the "Site." The Site is a gateway to a decentralized application that leverages the LayerZero messaging protocol, empowering users to mint, bridge, and swap both fungible and non-fungible tokens. These comprehensive "Terms of Service" ("Terms") are here to elucidate the conditions and rules that govern your access to and utilization of the Site. Once you access or utilize the Site, you are indicating your acknowledgment that you have perused, comprehended, and concurred with these Terms in their entirety. If you do not consent to these Terms, please refrain from accessing or using the Site.

2. Modification of these Terms

L2pass.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify these Terms from time to time. If any modifications are made, we will be notified by an update to the date at the top of the Terms. A current version of the Terms is maintained at “l2pass.com/terms”. All modifications will be effective when they are posted, and your continued access to the Site will serve as confirmation of your acceptance of those modifications. If you do not agree with any modifications to these Terms, you must immediately stop accessing the Site.

3. Eligibility

To access or use the Site, you must be able to form a legally binding contract with us. Accordingly, you represent that you are at least the age of majority in your jurisdiction and have the full right, power, and authority to enter into and comply with the terms and conditions of these Terms on behalf of yourself and any legal entity for which you may access or use the Site.

You further represent that you are not (a) the subject of economic or trade sanctions administered or enforced by any governmental authority or otherwise designated on any list of prohibited or restricted parties or (b) a citizen, resident, or organized in a jurisdiction that is the subject of comprehensive country-wide, territory-wide, or regional economic sanctions. Finally, you represent that your access and use of the Site will fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations and that you will not access or use the Site to conduct, promote, or otherwise facilitate any illegal activity.

4. Proprietary Rights

L2pass.com owns all intellectual property and other rights in the Site and its contents, including (but not limited to) software, text, images, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, patents, and designs.

5. Additional Rights

L2pass.com reserves the following rights: (a) with or without notice to you, to modify, substitute, eliminate, or add to the Site; (b) to review, modify, filter, disable, delete, and remove any content and information from the Site; and (c) to cooperate with any law enforcement, court, government investigation or order, or third party requesting or directing that we disclose information or content or information that you provide.

6. Privacy

Please refer to our privacy policy available at https://l2pass.com/privacy-policy for information about how we collect, use, share, and otherwise process information about you.

7. Prohibited Activity

You agree not to participate in, or attempt to partake in, any of the ensuing classes of restricted actions of your access and utilization of the Interface:

Intellectual Property Infringement: Engaging in activities that infringe upon or contravene the rights of copyright, trademark, service mark, patent, right of publicity, right of privacy, or any other proprietary or intellectual property rights as per the law.

Cyberattacks: Engaging in activities aimed at interfering with or jeopardizing the integrity, security, or proper functioning of any computer, server, network, personal device, or any other information technology system, which includes deploying viruses, hacking, and launching denial of service attacks.

Fraud and Misrepresentation: Undertaking actions to defraud us or any other individual or entity, such as providing false, inaccurate, or deceptive information.

Market Manipulation: Committing acts that infringe upon applicable laws, regulations, or rules concerning the integrity of trading markets, such as activities like "rug pulls," pumping and dumping, and wash trading.

Securities and Derivatives Violations: Engaging in actions that breach the applicable laws, rules, or regulations relating to the trading of securities or derivatives, such as unregistered offerings of securities or the offering of leveraged and margined commodity products to retail customers in the United States.

Sale of Stolen Property: Participating in the purchase, sale, or transfer of stolen items, fraudulently obtained items, items acquired without authorization, or any other items obtained illegally.

Data Mining or Scraping: Involving in activities related to data mining, the use of robots, scraping, or similar methods for the gathering or extraction of content or information from the Interface.

Objectionable Content: Undertaking activities that involve soliciting information from anyone below the age of 18 or any actions that may be harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, excessively violent, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, libelous, invasive of another individual’s privacy, hateful, discriminatory, or otherwise objectionable.

Any Other Unlawful Conduct: Involvement in activities that infringe upon any applicable laws, rules, or regulations of your jurisdiction.

8. No Investment Advice

You acknowledge and comprehend that all actions you take through the Site, such as minting, creating tokens, token swaps, token bridging, staking, or any other similar actions, are unsolicited. This means that you have not sought or received investment guidance from us regarding any such actions, and we do not conduct a suitability assessment for any actions available to you through the Site.

All the information provided by the Site is strictly for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as investment advice. You should not execute or withhold any action based on the information found on the Site. We do not provide investment recommendations or express opinions on the advantages of any investment transaction or opportunity. It is your sole responsibility to determine whether any investment, investment strategy, or related transaction aligns with your personal investment objectives, financial situation, and risk tolerance.

9. No Warranties

The Site is made available to you on an "as-is" and "as-available" basis. To the fullest extent permissible by law, L2pass.com disclaims any responsibility for damages of any kind resulting from the use of the Site. This includes but is not limited to, indirect, incidental, punitive, exemplary, special, or consequential damages, even if we have been alerted to the potential for such damages. By using the Site, you consent to assume all associated risks solely. L2pass.com will not be held accountable for any damages or losses incurred through the use of the Site. This covers, without limitation, your capacity or incapacity to use the Site, any alterations to its accessibility or its discontinuation, any delay, failure, unauthorized intrusion, or modification of data transmission, any transactions or agreements conducted through the Site, any activities or interactions with third parties, and any data or content from a third party that you obtain by accessing or utilizing the Site.

10. Non-Custodial and No Fiduciary Duties

The Site is a purely non-custodial application, meaning you are solely responsible for custody of the cryptographic private keys to the digital asset wallets you hold. These Terms are not intended to, and do not, create or impose any fiduciary duties on us. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you acknowledge and agree that we owe no fiduciary duties or liabilities to you or any other party.

11. Compliance Obligations

By accessing or using the Site, you agree that you are solely and entirely responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations that may apply to you.

12. Acknowledgment of Risks

By accessing and utilizing the Site, you affirm that you possess the financial and technical acumen to comprehend the inherent risks entailed in employing cryptographic and blockchain-based systems. You must have a sound grasp of the intricacies associated with digital assets. It is vital to recognize that blockchain-based transactions are unchangeable and irreversible.

Furthermore, you must acknowledge the highly volatile nature of digital asset markets. These fluctuations can be attributed to a myriad of factors, encompassing aspects such as adoption, speculation, technology, security, and regulation. You accept and are fully cognizant of the potential for abrupt and substantial increases in transaction costs and processing times associated with cryptographic and blockchain-based systems. It is crucial to recognize the possibility that your digital assets may undergo fluctuations in value while they are being utilized within the Protocol via the Site. Such fluctuations may result in losses due to price fluctuations of tokens in trading pairs or liquidity pools. This risk is particularly pronounced in expert modes, where significant price slippage and costs may be incurred.

Additionally, you understand and acknowledge that the creation of tokens within these systems is accessible to anyone. This includes the development of fraudulent versions of existing tokens and tokens that falsely purport to represent particular projects. As a user, you must be aware of the potential for inadvertent trading of these deceptive tokens. It is important to emphasize that we bear no responsibility for these variables and risks. We do not have ownership or control over the Protocol, and, consequently, we cannot be held accountable for any resulting losses incurred during your interaction with the Site. Consequently, you willingly assume full responsibility for all the associated risks when accessing and employing the Site for Protocol interaction.

13. Third-Party References and Promotions

The Site may incorporate mentions or hyperlinks directing you to external third-party resources, including, but not limited to, websites, applications, services, as well as promotional content from advertisers and sponsors. Please be advised that L2pass.com bears no responsibility for the availability or precision of these resources and promotions, nor does it oversee the content, products, or services provided by these external sources. The presence of links pointing to these external resources and promotions does not signify or entail any form of endorsement by L2pass.com. You, as a user, assume exclusive accountability for your interaction with and utilization of such external resources and promotions. Consequently, any risks associated with their usage are to be entirely shouldered by you.

14. Limitations on Liability

To the utmost extent permitted by applicable law, L2pass.com, along with its affiliates, employees, licensors, and service providers, shall not be held liable for indirect, consequential, incidental, special, exemplary, or punitive damages, including any losses in profits or revenues, whether such losses occur directly or indirectly. This also covers losses related to data, usage, goodwill, or other intangible assets, arising from or connected to your use or inability to use or access the Site.

15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the Cayman Islands, without consideration for any conflict of law principles. You hereby agree to submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of the state or federal courts situated within the Cayman Islands for the resolution of any legal matters arising from these Terms.

16. Complete Agreement

These Terms constitute the sole and comprehensive agreement between you and L2pass.com concerning your utilization of the Site, thus supplanting all preceding and concurrent understandings, agreements, representations, and warranties.

17. Contact Details

For any inquiries or concerns about these Terms or the Site, kindly contact us at info@l2pass.com.