Omnichain Super-App

For Effortless Multi-Chain Token Movement, Swaps, and Art Performances

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Mememorphosis Season 1

World first omni-chain quest

    Embark on the ultimate crypto-verse quest with us, joining the world's first omni-chain meme quest where you can explore, collect, and fuse up to 30 crypto memes into a single NFT. Master the art of fusion to pioneer the next era of NFT evolution

    Mint for Free

    Empowering Digital Collectibles with Innovation

    Powered by LayerZero

    Powered by LayerZero

    Unlocking Effortless Cross-Chain Asset Transfers and Omni-Chain Interoperability

    On-chain Gamification

    On-chain Upgradable Art

    Collector-Artist Interaction in a Gamified Experience

    Navigating the Quest

    #1 Mint Genesis NFT
    #2 Discover New Memes
    #3 Fusion Adventure
    #4 Craft Custom Routes
    #5 Complete Mememorphosis Journey

    Connecting Memes

    Season 1

    The Path to Earning Points

    There are 3 ways to earn points

    • Mint


    • Bridge


    • Refuel


    The Path to Earning Points

    Quest Odissey

    Complete Zealy quests and boost your rankings

    Quest Odissey

    Available on 34 networks